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✏️ Meet

📆 2020

📂 Branding; Art Direction; VI

Meet is a Korean barbecue restaurant targeting young people. The assignment was to recreate, upgrade an art direction and visual identity to express the vivid brand image and promote the various meats. The shapes of meats on the grill naturally present geometries, beef tongue as circle, pork neck as rounded rectangle, and beef rolls as cylinder. This idea leads to the milestone of the concept, connecting different meats, seafoods and vegetables with specified geometries. Various shape combinations and patterns give the geometries a playful and hot final touch. It also takes advantage of the most basic graphical element - grid, to represent grills, which is unexpected but also reasonable.

Meet 是一家面向年轻人的韩国烤肉店。客户委托我们为其建立一套视觉系统来传达 Meet 年轻热烈的品牌形象。圆形的牛舌、圆角矩形的猪颈肉和卷筒型的调味牛肉…将不同的肉和几何体联系在一起是我们概念的第一步。图形组合和图案处理相叠加,既增加了视觉趣味又暗示了不同食材的形态和纹理。同时,我们意料之外又情理之中地使用了非常平面感的网格元素来表示烤肉架。整个视觉方向让 Meet 热情活泼的特质呼之欲出。