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✏️ Hubot

📆 2018

📂 Branding; Art Direction; VI

Hubot is a programmable robot toy shop targeting adults. Based on the four keywords that our client aims to convey: programming, play, discovery, and sharing, we visualize four symbolic 3d blocks as main visual elements. This magnifies the expression of great fun from assembling separate blocks to a unique robot. Moreover, the design of the typeface of “programming, play, discovery, and sharing” emphasizes the brand image of bold, futuristic, and fascinating.

Hubot 是一家面向成年人的编程玩具机器人集合店。基于客户想传达的4个关键词: 编程,玩乐,发现与分享。我们通过电脑符号与关键词的意义连接,视觉化4个符号积木作为主要的视觉形象,放大受众自己动手组装机器人这一乐趣。同时,对关键词的字体设计更加突出体现 Hubot 的大胆,前卫与有趣。