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Formoj is a shape obsessed creative studio based in NYC and Shanghai. With a focus on graphic design, motion design and animation, we thrive on art direction, design driven strategy, visual identity, branding, campaigns, events, advertising, etc. The desire of carving whimsical simplicity, creating unique visual languages and bonding clients with their target audience emotionally motivate us to explore.

Formoj 是一所着迷于图形趣味的设计工作室,位于纽约和上海。工作室专注于平面设计,动态图形和动画的研究,工作领域包括艺术指导、视觉策划、视觉识别、品牌设计、展览活动视觉设计、广告设计等。我们致力于通过有趣,独特且富有创意的视觉语言,帮助客户与其受众建立更稳固的情感连接。

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