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✏️ Cut to Bliss: Force of Fashion

📆 2016

📂 Video; Motion Graphic

Cut to Bliss is an abstract motion graphic film of vignettes that explore fashion as a way to express female empowerment. Rather than telling a narrative story, reconstructing the modern female fashion history as geometric thought-provoking visual impact, abstracting the sensitive emotions into unique animation shifts are the distinctive visual language to convey the concept, in the meanwhile, encouraging the viewer to add their own observations.

Cut to Bliss 是一支抽象的动态图形短片。这支短片探索了时尚展现女性权力的方式。与其说它讲了一个叙事性的故事,不如说是将现代女性时尚历史重构为发人深省的几何视觉冲击。将敏感的情感抽象为独特的动态画面,这是设计者独到的视觉语言。同时,短片也鼓励观众用自己的观察去解读。